What We Do

The Waterlilyz ministry is both spiritual and physical. Weekly, Lilyz gather around Lilypadz to fellowship and grow closer to Christ. Monthly, Lilyz from various tables meet to get physical and serve our community in various projects.

Though each Lilypad is unique in its Lilyz, every Lilypad is connected and united through studying and SOAPing the same scripture and memorizing and learning from the same weekly memory verse. In this way, Lilyz across the area are all connected and unified each week. The weekly scripture and memory verse is also the same as the ones studied and SOAPed by our brothers, the Waterboyz.

Our Lilypadz take place in restaurants and diners in several cities in the suburban DC area. At our meetings we come together to pray as well as spend time in God’s word and share how the Lord speaks to us through His Word. In these meetings, we share our burdens so that they become lighter and we become transformed into the women we are called to be. These meetings are designed to be as equally meaningful for the woman who has never opened the Bible as they are for the woman who has been in church and in The Word her whole life. Our agenda for these meetings goes as follows.
Agenda for Lilypadz

  • Opening Prayer
  • Announcements and calendar reminders
  • Memory Verse and Phone Call Discussion
  • Reading of Scripture Passage (Same for all Lilypadz)
  • S.O.A.P.
    • Quiet time to write observations and applications of how God spoke to you and how you want God to seal that application in you.
  • Share S.O.A.P.
  • Ask “God Question” and share answer
  • Closing Prayer


On the 3rd Saturday of each month, the Waterlilyz live out their faith and act out the love of Christ in the community. The service project changes month to month and depends on the need presented by the community. Often, the Waterlilyz will partner with the Waterboyz to assist families or individuals in the community that are in need of someone to offer them unconditional love, support and encouragement in the form of service. On the 3rd Saturday of each month, Waterlilyz jump out of bed and jump on in!